hey guys, fake haul post!

I have actually bought 4 pairs of shoes recently but I haven’t felt up to wearing them and taking pictures. sooo.

Since I’m broke ass, I decided to go window shopping on etsy, haven’t done that in ages. so. here we go 😀

(clicking on image brings you to the page to buy the item.)

saw this on the front page, it SO PRETTY, it looks broken and falling apart. and it looks so useddd! and fragile. lol. I speak of it as though a bird. I love things that look like they’re destroyed ❤

from the same shop, I LOVE THESE, the shape is so pretty! but I don’t quite know what to make of the red beading detail….
it looks abit like… a plant disease? I don’t know, is it so ugly its right? or pure ugly? help me.

the perfect head band. to either have people think you’re absolutely off your rocker, or fashion forward, I pick the latter.

what it looks like on, I doubt the antlers will stay up all day though. IDK. its so fucking cute I’d wear it anyway.

thus far everything’s been from the same shop xD

beautiful scarf, for any occasion. I can see someone just wearing this, drinking coffee at starbucks. white tank and jeans.

beautiful statement making but very tame gloves. pieces like this still, I feel, are statement making, and the best part is because they are not in completely screaming “LOOK AT ME” you could pair this with other quirky pieces.

these are cuffs, they don’t come with the shoe. AKA, YOU CAN PUT THEM ON ANY PAIR OF SHOES YOU LIKE!

I love the romantic feel these ooze.

simple, almost common, design now. but still ever eerie and ever pretty.

I want this one so bad. but then again I’ve always been a sucker for wings.
the face is abit strange, but I think it adds to the rustic-ness of it, n’est pas?

OKAY, I’m going to have to stop here. I can’t window shop anymore or I’ll actually buy something.

Please tell me if you all like this kinda post so I’ll do it more often 😀

ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN LINKED TO PURCHASING SITE, none of the images are mine. If you wanna buy them, CLICK 😀

xx J


attempted smart casual.

I went to my friend’s wedding the other day.

Its supposed to be smart casual, but I don’t think I do smart very well.

The priest, as he arrived, asked me if I was the bride, I didn’t realise he was talking to me.

Later he beckoned me over and asked

priest : are you the bride?
me: oh, haha. no la.
priest: oh. because if not I would have asked you to change to trousers.


if I had been the bride imagine how I would feel!
if its a bride’s wedding day, she should be able to wear whatever she likes!
anyway. I love my gloves *-*

jewel hairband, 4 GBP, primark
lace gloves, $25, arab st
costume vintage ring, 5 euro, paris
mustard top $12, bangkok
sunglasses, marc by marc jacobs, $200
victorian angel necklace, $12, bangkok
black pumps $30, NEWLOOK

I just wrote neckless instead of necklace xD
rackless is getting to me.

xx J

my decoden handphone case D.I.Y-ed

So I bought a casing for Magdelena, my berry. and decoden-ed the shit out of it. woots.

shes now very pink and very blinged / zhnged / deco-ed, below are the pictures of her in full decoden glory.

most of the crystals are swarovski, which is why it glitters so pretty.

I know right, so pretty. (:
xx, jade

panda hair ties, they make you feel 10.

I brought out my Panda Hair Ties which I bought in Bangkok, and decided to. wear them.
holy. I don’t know how I summoned the courage to even step out of the house lol.

I love them though, they really make me feel about 10 years old.
and of course everyone on the street took me absolutely seriously with hair like this. obviously. how could they not?

again, my camera is crap but this is what I wore my Pandas out with.

my baseball jacket is LOVE, its super versatile simply because it IS A BASEBALL JACKET, meaning its so damn casual you could wear it with everything.
I got it in Paris *insert SmugFace*

army shorts from BKK go well with a normal white tank.

I’m lucky I don’t work in the corporate world.

xx, jade.

outfit post.

my camera sucks testicles, it amazes me how all these pictures were taken by the same camera. but oh well.

I was on my way out the other day (realistically this was about 3 months ago) and just snapped what I was wearing.

I really don’t wear mid drifts all that often cause being a girl, I think I’m fat. its genetic. nothing we can do about it. sorry.

my glasses are worth a giggle from all my friends cause they have no lenses. as I have (insert boasting tone here) perfect eyesight, I find it super annoying when there are lenses, they kind of distort my vision.

my mid drift crop jacket/top, I got it from camden town in London for 10 pounds. I love the print, almost victorian.
when I first saw it I thought it was gorgeous, but I was abit concerned about looking like a hip-hop wannabe. throwing on glasses and shorts, I think I managed to not look too much like a poser.

LOVE necklace is from claire’s I think, from the kid’s section (I’m so hipster yeah.)
pretty bunny stud with moving legs, I got from hongkong from those stores with like a trillion stud options.
hellokitty with hipster glasses stud, I got from claire’s as well. I’m super sad cause I lost one side while I was in Thailand. serves me right for bringing my favorite pair of earrings on holiday.

panda ring from accessorizes, cost me a wooping 6 euros for a piece of plastic. but it is adorable so well worth it regardless. I wear it so often its lost abit of its nose paint.
my nails are painted pelican gray from china glaze.
I looked high and low for a gray polish and I absolutely love this shade from china glaze. 😀 I also have a crackle version me thinks, got to dust that one off and use it.
xx, jade

partay people on da floor

I bumped into Zameer awhile back outside Cityhall.I totally love his bracelet, super chio. wear with anything kinda bracelet.

and the bag obviously is love. the print!Marc by Marc tee BAR jeans Shoes from sears Walmart bracelet H&M rings Belt & Watch from ASOS Bag from Hilfiger

zamzam is such a doll. the bitch is currently in europe.
I’m obviously disgustingly jealous.
xx, jade