Outfits: An Excuse

Actually, to be very brutally honest. I don’t know what is so awesome about these outfits. They’re really, really, really, dead simple to put together.

But I guess it’s just an excuse to take photos of myself while I look good. And heck, I might as well post them after I’ve gone through all that trouble of taking them right?


The green top is definitely the outfit maker here.


Curious enough, 2 years ago I would have sworn I would never wear a horizontally stripped skirt because I’m rather conscious of my larger hips and thighs. But thin stripes, the curve hugging structure, the darker tone of the fabric and the fact that it is highwaisted (or rather that i’m wearing it highwaisted) lets me get away with it, with a trophy in hand.


The outfit above, I wore to work and a few meetings in the same day (phwoar!!), the outfit below was to a cinema to watch Real Steel with my colleagues. (it was an ok movie)




It’s amazing what a good fitted tank top and jeans can do.


And a quick peace sign to wrap it all up.

Much Love,


Feeding The Shoe Monster




Recently, I ordered and received these gorgeous shoes in the mail! For a while I thought these got lost because they took much longer than normal to arrive, but it was the Presidential Election/Hari Raya weekend so I guess the post office sorting centre took a few days off.


I got these heels because I wanted them to technically replace my awesome Aldo Destiny heels in Camel. Replace them because the Aldo ones are a little too expensive for me to want to scuff them, actually that’s not the whole truth, I mean, shoes are meant to be worn right? I’m not fussy like that, but in all honest truth, the Aldo ones are a little too loose and a little too tall to walk in, so as much as I love them, I had to put them on reserve for those few and far, seated occasions only.


First, you’ll notice the difference in colour which is a bummer because the ALDOs are about my skin tone, which gives me that elongated “nude-no shoes look”.


Next, you’ll notice the difference in the heights. Which is a good thing in this case because I wanted them a little shorter.

So I guess these aren’t exact replacements, but they’ll do.

Much Love,

Mag Mail

I got this in my letterbox earlier this week, it’s an awesome package that comes in every two months, and in my honest opinion, well worth the subscription.


I like that Alexis has more fashion spreads than the average magazine around, and that also means less of that cringe-worthy advice that seems to generate itself every 5 pages.


This stuff is good and you’d really need to flip your fingers through these pages to get it, but I’ve put together a little sample of their latest issue so you get an idea of what I’m going at.(vol006, yes, that young!)












So many pretty pages, and you’re so able to tell which are my favourites. Pick Alexis up at good bookstores, some 7-11s sell them too. Otherwise past issues can be bought and subscriptions made on their website. Follow them on twitter too.

racklessblog.wordpress.com is not affiliated or associated with Alexis Magazine Singapore, we’re just sharing the good stuff. 🙂

Much Love,

What’s Inside?

‘Sups all!

Today, I’ve got a feature that I really enjoy reading when I read the other blogs around. It’s the “What’s In My Bag” feature. Slightly perverse and stalker-ly, but hey, you really do learn a lot from knowing what’s in your own bag (and in other people’s bag)!

I have a lot of nick names, from school and from work (too many, don’t count). One of them came about while I was still in college, but the habit was around forever. They called me “Doraemon“. Why? Because I had everything in my bag. Maybe the following series of ‘What’s In My Bag’ will explain it to you, bag by bag.

Today’s “What’s In My Bag” feature is based on this outfit post I recently made on racklessblog. It’s literally the contents of my bag on the same night I wore that outfit out for the same dinner.

The lovely clutch I got from MDS Collections, admittedly looking a little stuffed.


Yep, all of that was in my bag at dinner time. Now you’re starting to understand the nickname.

The clutch has three very generous compartments.

In the first compartment (the outermost)

L-R: Liese Designing Jelly No.2 (useful because I tend to leave the house with my hair in a bun, then let it down later in the day, the “jelly” keeps the curls/waves around for much longer), my bunch of work keys (because you never know), panadol (just in case), house keys, boyfriend’s wallet (not because it’s cool, but because my partner is a lazy person who doesn’t bring out his own bag out because he doesn’t want to carry it, so he stuffs his things into my bag), DBS i-Banking dongles for 2 accounts (again, just in case).

Second compartment.

L-R: Bottle of denatured alcohol and shampoo, because I stopped by Guardian and Watsons on my way to dinner. No funny story here, moving along.

The third compartment

L-R: A printed servette I had pinched (because it had an ad on it, not that the ad was interesting, but the idea was, so I kept the contact), portable charger/spare battery for my iPhone (I’ve got two of these to rotate), earphones (essential), a black pen (very essential, everyone should at least carry a pen in their bag), my wallet (which is actually a clutch by itself and deserves and entire post by itself.), a mysterious box (it used to hold a pack of playing cards).

And that’s how flat the clutch is when empty. Amazing isn’t it?

So what’s in your bag?

Much Love,


First Outfit Post from Karen J

I went out for Dinner the other day and in the last minute rush of it all, I came up with this (and had time to snap before I left). I like!

This was the outfit I had wanted to wear, what I actually did wear is a little varied. I wore black sparkly flats instead of my immitation Jeffery Campbell wedges because I was going out with my mother who is already only up to my shoulders, wearing wedges would have made me two heads taller.

Outfit Sources:

  • Top: A thrift store in Romania
  • Skirt: From Clothes & People
  • Belt: Came with another dress I’d bought from Pull & Bear
  • Clutch: From MDS Collections
  • Wedges: A Spree from Melissa2KS
  • Flats: From the basement of Far East Plaza

The key piece here is obviously the skirt, the outfit is simple, you might even laugh at me for even thinking of wanting to post this up here. But I like the skirt, and it’s an easy to wear piece, yet it’s exactly the kind of thing most girls would shun.

I bought the skirt, knowing I desperately wanted it: I wanted to possess it, but I didn’t know if I would ever wear it. But so far so good, I’ve worn it twice, and that’s pretty awesome.

Overall, I’m happy with this outfit, in fact, it was too easy.

Like, love or hate? Comment tanks yous!

Karen J.

DIY Glitter Polish

If you’ve followed us over from queenquin.blogspot.com (yay old friends!), you’d know I’m the more wordy, diy-ish, less fashion-y half of the blog.

No worries, that all still remains. We’re the same two people writing, promise!

What you may or may not know though, is that I am a little nail crazy; I would sign up for polisholic annonymous, but that would just be the end of me.

Here’s a little diy polish that I made for a mani, what we polisholics call a ‘franken’ (as in frankenstien and how he was put together with parts from different sources, haha! So funny! Get it?!)

All the pretty stuff going into the franken.

In the mix: random spoonfuls of all the glitter dust and hexagonal glitter.

Another picture to absorb all the sparkly, shimmery goodness!

Pour in bottle, add clear polish and you get instant goodness in a bottle! I used Seche Vite polish here because I have 4fl.oz of it sitting in a bottle here. (don’t ask…)

Shake well (shake it, sh sh sha shake it)

All that blingz on my nail….

I actually dabbed the glitter on here instead of mixing in the clear polish, but on my other hand I applied enough coats of the same mixture to get the same density.

And the full mani in all it’s glory.
(with China Glaze High Hopes and accented with Colour Club Wild At Heart)

I know it looks like there’s too little polish in that bottle, but really it’s just amplified by the bottle which is too big! I think it can hold 1 fluid oz worth of polish (a single China Glaze bottle holds 0.5 fl. oz)

And I would say this isn’t a true franken, since I didn’t mix existing polishes but more or less created a new one, but let’s not get into the specifics eh!

Like? Don’t like? Love it? Hate it? (I love it)

Karen J.