Vogue coffee table, literally.

Do you have too many vogue magazines lying around? magazines you’ve bought over the years but can’t bear to throw away cause they cost you a staggering amount of money?

(honestly I get depressed when I calculate how much I spend on magazines)

frent not! heres a way to store your magazines and have a new coffee table 😀

shes hilarious. I would translate the video but I’m too lazy.

I would totally do this, but it wouldn’t only be the corners of the table, it would fill up the whole thing.

have fun with your new Vogue, coffee table ^_^

truely Vogue. bisous

xx jade


Holographic Freak.

I’ve been super obsessed with Holographic Nail polish for the longest time, trying to get a hold of a bottle of Gosh’s epic concoction, but I haven’t been able to part with 30 pounds for a bottle of polish.

and THANKFULLY I DIDN’T, the Make Up Store has put their brains together and realised the frantic CRAZE for holopolish, and came up with their holo version. Its really pretty, and super linear.

Heres how I applied it and a review!

SO story of when I bought it. *rolls eyes.

I’m not a retard when it comes to holo polish, but the girl who tried to sell it to me sure as hell thought I was -__-”

I was super off my ass excited when I saw the holo polish on the shelf, and for $20 thats really steep for a nail polish especially since my nails aren’t long anymore.

So this sales assistant (The Make Up Store, Vivo City) came up to me and was telling me all about the holo and how amazing it was, and how it gets sold out just like that.
So I’m not really listening to her because I already know how amazing it is and I’m just trying to find the strength  in me to part with $20 for a little bottle of liquid.

UNTIL, she starts going on about the AQUA BASE, (it kinda went like this. and I’m not imagining her talking to me like an idiot, I KNOW she was cause my boyfriend mentioned it first)
sales ass: Oh its really amazing, but you really have to buy it with the aqua base because it’ll make the effect better and longer lasting, the holo will last way longer with the aqua base! you should really get it.
me: ohrly. how much is it.
sales painintheass: $20! its amazing.
me: I already have holo on my nails and they look just fine, is it really a great difference?
painintheass: YES, and if you wanna buy it you should buy it now because it’ll go out of stock really fast, and you will regret not buying the aqua base, so its better to buy it now rather than making two trips (holy god, this girl is whipping out logistics at me.)
me: er no, thanks its okay.
painintheass: are you sure? it’ll go out of stock.
me: yes I’m sure.
painintheass: *goes behind counter, doesn’t say anything more, puts it in a bag for me, and gives it to me. SHE DIDN’T EVEN SAY THANK YOU OR GOOD BYE. OMG.
I’ve never seen a sales assistant SOUR even AFTER I buy something.

the conversation was longer than this, I shortened down her pushy sales skills.

Sales assistant in The Make Up Store Vivo City. you’re a bitch. #truefacts

Oh and I wanted to leave you guys with another nail art how to, its super pretty:

xx J

hey guys, fake haul post!

I have actually bought 4 pairs of shoes recently but I haven’t felt up to wearing them and taking pictures. sooo.

Since I’m broke ass, I decided to go window shopping on etsy, haven’t done that in ages. so. here we go 😀

(clicking on image brings you to the page to buy the item.)

saw this on the front page, it SO PRETTY, it looks broken and falling apart. and it looks so useddd! and fragile. lol. I speak of it as though a bird. I love things that look like they’re destroyed ❤

from the same shop, I LOVE THESE, the shape is so pretty! but I don’t quite know what to make of the red beading detail….
it looks abit like… a plant disease? I don’t know, is it so ugly its right? or pure ugly? help me.

the perfect head band. to either have people think you’re absolutely off your rocker, or fashion forward, I pick the latter.

what it looks like on, I doubt the antlers will stay up all day though. IDK. its so fucking cute I’d wear it anyway.

thus far everything’s been from the same shop xD

beautiful scarf, for any occasion. I can see someone just wearing this, drinking coffee at starbucks. white tank and jeans.

beautiful statement making but very tame gloves. pieces like this still, I feel, are statement making, and the best part is because they are not in completely screaming “LOOK AT ME” you could pair this with other quirky pieces.

these are cuffs, they don’t come with the shoe. AKA, YOU CAN PUT THEM ON ANY PAIR OF SHOES YOU LIKE!

I love the romantic feel these ooze.

simple, almost common, design now. but still ever eerie and ever pretty.

I want this one so bad. but then again I’ve always been a sucker for wings.
the face is abit strange, but I think it adds to the rustic-ness of it, n’est pas?

OKAY, I’m going to have to stop here. I can’t window shop anymore or I’ll actually buy something.

Please tell me if you all like this kinda post so I’ll do it more often 😀

ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN LINKED TO PURCHASING SITE, none of the images are mine. If you wanna buy them, CLICK 😀

xx J


I used to be the BIGGEST nail freak. I’m not kidding.

I couldn’t STAND having my nails chipped or whatever, and my nails used to be really long.

A good example of how much I would take care of my nails and such.

I used to do alot of nail art and stuff.
I feel long nails are just more feminine and on top of that they make your fingers look longer as well as dainty, it also gives people the impression you don’t work for a living lol. #taitailifestyle

anyway, what I wanted to share was this

this lady is amazing, every week churning out the most beautiful nail art. giving tips on how to get your nails to grow long and just about everything under the sun (she doesn’t do 3D art though).

I unfortunately DO have to make a living with labour that involves my hands (stop thinking indecent thoughts) and therefore am now unable to keep any length of nails.

So for you lucky girls who have naturally long nails/have long nails, check out her videos and tell me what you think.

for my short nailed counter parts, all the designs can be done on short nails.

I just am too lazy now that mine are short.
DO tell me what you think.

xx J


DIY Glitter Polish

If you’ve followed us over from queenquin.blogspot.com (yay old friends!), you’d know I’m the more wordy, diy-ish, less fashion-y half of the blog.

No worries, that all still remains. We’re the same two people writing, promise!

What you may or may not know though, is that I am a little nail crazy; I would sign up for polisholic annonymous, but that would just be the end of me.

Here’s a little diy polish that I made for a mani, what we polisholics call a ‘franken’ (as in frankenstien and how he was put together with parts from different sources, haha! So funny! Get it?!)

All the pretty stuff going into the franken.

In the mix: random spoonfuls of all the glitter dust and hexagonal glitter.

Another picture to absorb all the sparkly, shimmery goodness!

Pour in bottle, add clear polish and you get instant goodness in a bottle! I used Seche Vite polish here because I have 4fl.oz of it sitting in a bottle here. (don’t ask…)

Shake well (shake it, sh sh sha shake it)

All that blingz on my nail….

I actually dabbed the glitter on here instead of mixing in the clear polish, but on my other hand I applied enough coats of the same mixture to get the same density.

And the full mani in all it’s glory.
(with China Glaze High Hopes and accented with Colour Club Wild At Heart)

I know it looks like there’s too little polish in that bottle, but really it’s just amplified by the bottle which is too big! I think it can hold 1 fluid oz worth of polish (a single China Glaze bottle holds 0.5 fl. oz)

And I would say this isn’t a true franken, since I didn’t mix existing polishes but more or less created a new one, but let’s not get into the specifics eh!

Like? Don’t like? Love it? Hate it? (I love it)

Karen J.

my decoden handphone case D.I.Y-ed

So I bought a casing for Magdelena, my berry. and decoden-ed the shit out of it. woots.

shes now very pink and very blinged / zhnged / deco-ed, below are the pictures of her in full decoden glory.

most of the crystals are swarovski, which is why it glitters so pretty.

I know right, so pretty. (:
xx, jade