I used to be the BIGGEST nail freak. I’m not kidding.

I couldn’t STAND having my nails chipped or whatever, and my nails used to be really long.

A good example of how much I would take care of my nails and such.

I used to do alot of nail art and stuff.
I feel long nails are just more feminine and on top of that they make your fingers look longer as well as dainty, it also gives people the impression you don’t work for a living lol. #taitailifestyle

anyway, what I wanted to share was this

this lady is amazing, every week churning out the most beautiful nail art. giving tips on how to get your nails to grow long and just about everything under the sun (she doesn’t do 3D art though).

I unfortunately DO have to make a living with labour that involves my hands (stop thinking indecent thoughts) and therefore am now unable to keep any length of nails.

So for you lucky girls who have naturally long nails/have long nails, check out her videos and tell me what you think.

for my short nailed counter parts, all the designs can be done on short nails.

I just am too lazy now that mine are short.
DO tell me what you think.

xx J



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